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제품 리스트활성 제약 성분Clemastine Fumarate or Meclastin CAS Number 14976-57-9
Clemastine Fumarate or Meclastin CAS Number 14976-57-9
  • Clemastine Fumarate or Meclastin CAS Number 14976-57-9

Clemastine Fumarate or Meclastin CAS Number 14976-57-9

    지불 유형: T/T
    최소 주문량: 1 Gram

기본 정보

모형: 14976-57-9

Additional Info

포장: Standard Packing

생산력: 1KG;2KGS


수송: Air

원산지: CHINA


인증 : Technical Support

제품 설명

Clemastine fumarate CAS number is 14976-57-9, a fast-acting, long-acting, highly effective, safe and reliable antihistamine. The pharmacokinetics of clemastine fumarate tablets in humans showed that it absorbed quickly, took effect after 30 minutes, and quickly relieved the symptoms. After 1 hour, the blood concentration reached the highest value, and similar antihistamines such as sin, chlorine In contrast, it is the most effective. Its antihistamine effect lasts for 12 hours, antihistamine is 10 times stronger than chlorpheniramine, and side effects of sleepiness are mild. The total effective rate for treating allergic rhinitis was 98%, and the cure rate for chronic urticaria was 61.3%. Clemastine fumarate CAS number 14976-57-9 not only has an antagonistic effect on histamine released by basophils and lung tissue, but also has a certain antagonistic effect on cytotoxin at high concentrations. The drug has a multi-faceted therapeutic effect on allergic diseases. Clinically used mainly for allergic rhinitis, urticaria, eczema and other allergic dermatitis.
The synthesis process of clemastine fumarate is divided into four steps. 1: N-methyl-2-(2-hydroxyethyl)pyrrolidine is used as a starting material, and the hydroxyl group is substituted by chlorination to prepare N-methyl group. 2-(2-chloroethyl)pyrrolidine;
2: N-methyl-2-(2-chloroethyl)pyrrolidine and 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-phenyl)ethanol are used as raw materials to react with sodium amide to obtain racemic Chlorsulfastatin, followed by the addition of succinic acid, to prepare racemic clemastine succinate;
3: using racemic clemastine succinate as a raw material, dissolving with L-(+)-tartaric acid in acetone and water, and finally adding fumaric acid to form a crude salt of clemastine fumarate;
4: Crude crude clemastine fumarate was recrystallized from aqueous acetone to give pure clemastine fumarate.

Product Name:Clemastine Fumarate AB143085

CAS: 14976-57-9

Molecular Formula:C25H30ClNO5

Molecular Formula:459.96

Molecular Structure:14976-57-9

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